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Dean Nicolle is a consultant arborist, botanist and ecologist specialising in the systematics and ecology of the eucalypts and in the arboricultural assessment of trees.

Currency Creek Arboretum is a specialist eucalypt arboretum ('zoo of trees'), with its main purpose being research into Australia's most dominant natural group of plants, the eucalypts. The arboretum has the largest collection of eucalypt species in the world, with over 950 species and subspecies (and over 10,000 individual plants) having been planted on the site. The arboretum has been established and is managed by Dean Nicolle.

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Native Eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania
Eucalypts of Western Australia — The South-west Coast and Ranges
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Native Eucalypts of South Australia
Atlas of Leaf Venation & Oil Gland Patterns in the Eucalypts

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